Exploring World Religions

The July Experience: July 9 - 15, 2017

Toronto, ON

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Listen to CBC's Matt Galloway interviewing Encounter about the July program.

Travel & Experience

Travel to dazzling temples and simple prayer rooms to experience the diverse rituals of numerous communities.
[/julyexp/baps.jpg] “This week of learning and exploring world religions was my best investment in 30 years!”

~Luc Bussieres

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Enjoy & Play

Enjoy insightful classes, rich with learning and play with new and diverse ideas.
[/julyexp/class.jpg] “I came away from this course looking with different eyes”

~ Isabell Franks

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Engage with imams, rabbis, Zen masters and fellow travellers.
[/julyexp/martin.jpg] “Brian was a great facilitator.... The lessons were well paced, well organized and very informative.”

~2015 Attendee

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Savour & Delight

Savour foods and delight in music from around the world.
[/julyexp/food.jpg] “This course isn’t just about exploring world religions, it opens up the city! Once you’ve shared faith and food with someone, barriers dissolve.”

~ Katharine Vansittart

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